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E-Scooters Injury Study

Surprising Findings In Recent E-Scooter Study E-scooters have been a growing trend all over the…

United Healthcare Denied Life-Saving Treatment

Class-Action Lawsuit Against Insurance Company, United Healthcare United Healthcare had a policy of denying Proton…

Surgical Error – Eye Doctor Operates On Wrong Eye

A surgical error lawsuit was filed by a patient in Chicago alleging an eye surgeon…

Bay Area’s Deadliest Jobs

What Are The Deadliest Jobs In The Bay Area? Data from the Bureau of Labor…

Compañías de Seguros y los Accidentes de Camiones Semi

Las Compañías de Seguros y Los Accidentes deCamiones Semi Los accidentes de camion mediano, son uno de los más desafortunados y dañinos eventos que cualquiera puede experimentar.

Uber y Lyft Abogados

Abogados de Accidentes en Uber y Lyft Mientras el fenómeno “Compartiendo el viaje” ha tomado un lugar importante en las vidas de mucha gente a lo largo de California

¿Son Confiables las Compañías de Seguros?

¿Son Confiables las Compañías de Seguros? No! absolutamente no! Las compañías de seguros están en el negocio para generar dinero, no para pagarlo.

Baby Sleepers Recalled After Infant Deaths

Defective Design or Insufficient Warning? Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play baby sleepers are being recalled for…

Disability Benefits Social Media Monitored

If You Get Federal Disability Benefits, Watch What You Post The Government is monitoring the…

Candida Auris Superbug

Candida Auris is resistant to known drugs and more than half of the people that contract this infection die. So far there are 587 nationwide reports, including 2 people in California that have been discovered to have contracted the Candida Auris superbug.

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