San Leandro Car Accidents On The Rise

San Leandro Car Accidents On The Rise

Car Accidents

San Leandro Car Accidents On The Rise

San Leandro car accidents are nothing new. In fact, California has always had a high number of car accident related injuries, deaths, and altercations.

Recently a study was done which concluded, San Leandro car accidents have increased by over 40% over the past half decade.

Who Conducted The Study

The research study data was compiled by Vital Signs, a monitoring tool that keeps the pulse of the bay area.

According to their study, San Leandro car accidents have seen a steady increase between 2013-2018.

These figures include accidents involving pedestrians, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, semi-truck accidents, and drunk driving accidents.

Leading Causes Of San Leandro Car Accidents

An overwhelming number of accidents are caused due to negligent behavior, which entitles people to receive compensation after an injury from an accident.

In fact, according to the data, 2 out of 3 car accident fatalities in California are caused by drunk drivers.

Other leading causes of San Leandro car accidents include distracted driving, speeding, not following traffic signals, and other negligent behaviors of drivers.

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In the event that you may be partially or even primarily responsible for an accident, California law still allows you to receive compensation as long as someone else shares in the responsibility for the accident as well.

For this reason alone, you can’t be sure compensation for a car accident isn’t available to you without talking to a top San Leandro car accident attorney.

Make sure you have your bases covered and a legal representative in your corner.

Car Accidents

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