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What to Know About COVID Workers Compensation?

COVID-19 is the latest health threat to affect workers. Although viruses are not typically considered particularly dangerous in the workplace, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique problem for many employers. Many jobs that weren’t typically considered to be high risk are now much more dangerous for those people working them – for example, healthcare workers, public transport operators, and grocery store workers, all of who are at increased risk of developing COVID-19 than people in many other roles. 

Why You Need a Lawyer After a Maritime Accident

If you’ve been injured on an offshore rig, you might be eligible for compensation under the Jones Act. Passed in 1920 and revised in 2006, this federal law protects seamen injured in maritime accidents. While the Jones Act allows injured seamen to collect damages not afforded to them under state workers’ compensation laws, the burden of proof rests on the injured party’s shoulders.

Cruise Ship Outbreak

Cruising has gained a lot of popularity recently. 30 million passengers travel or sail on 272 cruise ships each year. The boats are the size of small cities, not the kind of vessel seen in The Love Boat. With the increased size of the vessels and the marketing of the voyages to multigenerational families including young children and the elderly, the risk to the passengers of injury or illness has increased. 

People Getting Sick From Stem Cell Treatment?

A dozen people across three states had to be hospitalized due to an E. Coli bacterial infection they contracted after receiving stem cell injections using umbilical cord blood..

San Leandro Takes Stand Against Teen Vaping

Teen vaping in San Leandro is declining thanks to local students taking a stand against vaping.

Automation Threatening Longshoremen Jobs

Automation Threatening Longshoremen Jobs Automation is taking over LA seaports..

New HIV Strain Detected

For the first time in 19 years, a new HIV strain has been detected. A research group at..

San Leandro Hit-And-Run Killed Pedestrian

Responding CHP authorities were dispatched to Hesperian Boulevard near Lewelling Boulevard after receiving..

Vaping Injuries On The Rise

A Mysterious Crop Of Deadly Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses Continues To Grow At least 530 cases…

New California Labor Laws For Rideshare Operators

New “Gig Economy” Labor Laws To Take Effect January 1, 2020 California Gov. Gavin Newsom…

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