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Tubbs Fire and Redwood Valley Fire Trial Lawyers

Attorneys Daniel Weltin and Matt Sharp are investigating the Wine Country Fires that occurred on October 8 and 9. Eye witness reports, confirmed by PG&E inspectors, of arcing power lines, a/k/a “electrical safety incidents” on the night of the fire. One such arc appears to have occurred on Tubbs Lane in starting a massive blaze propelled by Santa Ana/foehn winds that swept like a tidal wave into Santa Rosa, leaping Highway 101, and leaving very few structures and lives unscathed in its path.

Travelling the Tubbs fire zone, from Coffee Park, to Journey’s End and up to Fountain Grove and Sky Farm, there are no words to adequately characterize the scope of the suffering.


And the Tubbs fire is not the only fire that appears related to PG&E electrical safety incidents.  PG&E and firefighters must annually prepare for warm winds in early-October, but it appears that the company was far behind on its plans to update equipment and clear brush and trees around its towers and lines, and not just on Tubbs Lane.

Other destructive fires started on Tubbs Lane outside Calistoga (Tubbs Fire), Nuns Canyon outside Glen Ellen (Nuns Fire), in Mendocino County in Ukiah in the Redwood Valley (Redwood Valley Fire), on Atlas Road in Napa (Atlas Peak) and in Carneros.

All in all, the Wine Country wildfires caused untold devastation and forcing twenty-thousand people to evacuate their own homes. The fires burned almost a quarter of a million acres of land, Obliterated nearly fifty-seven hundred houses and structures. Tragically around forty people lost their lives as a result.

For those who did make it they have another issue on their hands. These survivors thought that the losses to their homes due to the fires would be covered by their insurance, but policy holder need to remain vigilant.  Insurance companies owe their policy holders the duty of good faith and fair dealing. Sadly, many of these companies are set up to sell policies, rather than fairly evaluate and pay claims.

Daniel Weltin and Matt Sharp will provide the initial consultation without any charge. If you have been injured, suffered property loss or believe that your insurance company is treating you in bad faith we hope to be a resource for you.

Wine Country Fire Investigation Starts Now

“This is truly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tragedies California has ever faced,” Governor Jerry Brown said.


We are investigating the causes of the fire. Like the fires themselves, the investigations will be massive and take time. Preliminary evidence suggests electrical involvement in some, if not all, of the fires.

Who to Contact for Legal Advice Regarding California Wildfires?

The Law Offices of Daniel Weltin have teamed up with experienced bad faith and fire attorney Matthew Sharp, who has handled major fires lawsuits, including the Caughlin and Little Valley fires to be there for you as a resource after this tragedy.

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