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In What Cases Can A Patient Sue A Hospital For Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice happens in hospitals.

Hospitals are responsible for the negligence of their staff, but the institution itself is not always responsible for the medical malpractice practiced in the treatment of the patient.

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If you are injured while receiving medical treatment in a hospital, can you sue the hospital for negligence or medical malpractice?

Even when hospitals are constantly attentive to the incompetent treatment provided by their staff, nurses and medical assistants, they are often not responsible for the negligence of doctors.

Here we give you a basis on when a hospital is responsible for medical malpractice when it is committed by its staff, doctors, anesthetists, and other caregivers.

Hospitals are responsible for the actions of their staff.

When someone is part of the staff of a hospital, it is generally the responsibility if that employee injures a patient for acting incompetent.

In other words, if the employee is negligent (not reasonably cautious while treating or treating the patient), the hospital will generally be responsible for any harm caused to the patient.

It must be borne in mind that not every error or unfortunate incident that occurs in a hospital has the quality of negligence or medical malpractice.

Usually, nurses, medical technicians, and support staff are active members of the hospital staff.

As long as an employee does something in relation to his work when this causes an injury to a patient, the patient will sue the hospital for the resulting damages.

For example, if a registered nurse, part of the hospital, injects the wrong medication intravenously to a patient and the patient has an injury as a result, then the hospital can be held liable for the nurse’s error.

medical malpractice

However, if a doctor makes a mistake and injures a patient while treating him in a hospital, the hospital will not be responsible for the doctor’s error, unless the doctor is a hospital employee (which is unlikely — See below).

If a hospital employee commits negligence while under the supervision of a doctor, the patient may sue the doctor, but the hospital may not be responsible.

That the employee is under the supervision of the doctor when carelessness occurs depends on: That the employee was present that the doctor had control to prevent the negligence of the employee.

For example, a surgeon may be responsible if a nurse fails to count the surgical sponges causing the surgeon to leave a sponge inside the patient.

Is the doctor part of the hospital staff?

This is a crucial question to determine if the hospital can be sued when a doctor provides substandard care that causes harm to his patient.

That a doctor is considered an employee of a hospital, will depend on the nature of his professional relationship with the hospital.

Although in fact, some doctors are part of the hospital staff, most are not.

Doctors who are not employed are commonly described as “independent contractors” in the eyes of the law, which means that hospitals can’t be held responsible for the negligence of the doctor, even if the negligence occurred in the hospital facilities and the doctor is officially affiliated with the hospital.

A doctor is more likely to be considered an employee rather than an independent contractor if: The hospital regulates the schedule and the vacation period of the doctor or.

The hospital establishes and regulates the amount that the doctor can charge Exceptions: When there is the responsibility of the hospitals for the actions of the doctors who are not their employees.

Even if a hospital is generally not responsible for the negligence of an independent contracted doctor, a hospital can be held liable in certain situations: The hospital gives the impression that the doctor is its employee If the hospital does not clarify that the doctor is not employed.

medical malpractice

The patient can sue the hospital for medical malpractice. Hospitals try to avoid problems by informing patients in printed forms of admission that doctors are not employees of the hospital.

A different case is when patients are injured in an emergency room.

In general, the hospital does not have the time to inform patients in an emergency room, that a doctor is not a hospital employee.

For this reason, patients in these cases can usually sue the hospital for the negligence of a doctor.

There are also some states that state that a hospital can be sued for medical malpractice regardless of the information received.

The hospital has an incompetent doctor among its staff.

There are states that hold hospitals that maintain an incompetent or dangerous doctor at their employee plant.

Even if it is an independent contractor. The hospital is also responsible if it should have been aware that a previously capable doctor has become incompetent and dangerous.

For example, if a doctor is a drug addict or a drug addict and hospital management knows it or is so obvious that they should know, a patient injured by that doctor may be able to sue the hospital.

Obtaining help It is often essential to obtain advice or representation from a lawyer since the law on Medical Malpractice is regulated by a complex set of codes, which vary considerably from state to state.


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