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Four Killed When Construction Crane Collapses

A construction crane collapsed in Seattle killing four people. It was allegedly caused by prematurely loosening the pins holding it together.

Video footage has been reviewed that concluded, had the pins been in place, the crane would never have collapsed.

The tragedy occurred as workers were in the process of disassembling it. The crane collapsed in sections. Part of it falling onto the Google building where construction had been taking place. Another part of it falling onto the street traffic below.

Two men working on the crane were killed as were two people in cars on the street below.

It is believed that negligence caused the construction crane to fall apart.  Specifically that the people working on the crane did not follow the manufactures instructions for disassembly.

construction crane_daniel_weltin

Experienced crane operators say that the proper method to disassemble a crane is to do it in sections. First to tie a line from the section being moved securely onto another crane that would lower it down. Only loosening and removing the bolts holding it together one section at a time.

The collapsed construction crane incident is under investigation. Though a preliminary review suggest that the workers may have been taking “short cuts” by loosening the bolts in advance. However, it is still too early to definitively determine a cause for the crane collapse.

The Washington Department of Labor expanded its investigation to five different companies:

All of the companies involved have pledged to participate fully in the investigation in order to determine what caused this construction crane to collapse and tragically end four lives.

The city’s Mayor, Jenny Durkan, said the incident is “a tragic day in Seattle,” she also pointed out, “We also saw some miracles, including a mother and her young child whose car was struck by the crane but survived.”

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