Surgical Error – Eye Doctor Operates On Wrong Eye

Surgical Error – Eye Doctor Operates On Wrong Eye

Eye Doctor

A surgical error lawsuit was filed by a patient in Chicago alleging an eye surgeon conducted surgery on the wrong eye.

According to the lawsuit, the doctor attempted to cover up the mistake and did so without the use of anesthesia on the patient.

The name of the doctor the surgical error lawsuit was filed against is Benjamin Ticho, an ophthalmologist at The Eye Specialists Center near Chicago, (their website is currently down).

The surgery occurred back in 2017, and had the patient crying in pain with “bloody tears” in her eyes, according to what is filed in the lawsuit.

The patient originally when to see the eye doctor in order to have a cyst removed from her left eye. The doctor instead conducted the operation on her right eye.

She claims in the surgical error lawsuit that the doctor intentionally caused her pain during the corrective surgery later that day.

The doctor realized the surgical error only after a nurse asked him about it while he was in the middle of another surgery. He was asked why the patient was bleeding out of her right eye when her surgery was supposed to be on her left eye.

Eye Doctor

According to the lawsuit, once he finished conducting the surgery he was doing at that time he used the unsterile surgical instruments from that different patient’s surgery to perform the procedure on her eye.

During the second surgery, the lawsuit alleges the doctor performed it without gloves or proper anesthesia which was causing such intense pain for the patient she was pleading for the doctor to stop.

The eye doctor instructed his nurse to hold the patient’s head down and hold the left eye open. He then began performing the eye surgery on the correct eye. However, according to the lawsuit, the patient was wide awake during the entire procedure.

The patient claims they saw and felt the surgical instruments including a needle and scissors going into the eye during the surgery.

The patent says that since the surgical error happened they get frequent headaches and have double vision. The patient says she is severely traumatized since the surgery.

The Eye Specialists Center is being accused of negligence, medical battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit is seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

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