Glyphosate Contaminated Food

Glyphosate Contaminated Food

Glyphosate In Our Food

Glyphosate is the primary ingredient in the Roundup weed killer formerly made by Monsanto that has been widely publicised for causing non-hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer in people that used it.

There has been evidence, trials and large verdicts handed down. As more and more evidence is digested by the public it starts to become a little frightening as we come to the realization that these chemicals, that have been proven to cause cancer, are laden throughout our food supply.

The Roundup weed killer is the most common weed killer used on the entire planet. This cancer causing weed killer is used all over the entire world contaminating everything it touches, including our food.

We know all of this now because of the recent lawsuits that were filed. Once a direct link between causing cancer and the worlds most commonly used weed killer could be proven in a court of law all bets were off. How much further down does the rabbit hole go? Enquiring minds wanted to know.

As it was investigated further it was concluded that Glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in Roundup, is in a variety of food we consume every day. They tell us that since it’s in such small quantities that it doesn’t affect us. They are telling us that an ingredient that has been proven to cause cancer and has been found in our food will not hurt us. Are you buying what they are selling?

This ingredient has been banned in other parts of the world yet it is still widely available at your nearest hardware store. Needless to say this harmful chemical is under quite a bit of scrutiny.

They have conducted special studies to gather information on what glyphosate does to our bodies when we consume it through our food. It doesn’t take a doctor or a lawyer to know that anything that causes cancer has no business being in the food we all consume.

These roundup lawsuits we see advertised everywhere are for cases where people have been in contact with the weed killer over long periods of time and have developed non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. They are not for people that have gotten sick from eating food contaminated with a cancer causing chemicals. As this would be very hard to prove in court.

Recently a jury in US District Court ruled favorable for Edwin Hardeman who blamed the weed killer for causing his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis. The jury concluded that glyphosate was a substantial factor” in causing Hardeman’s cancer.

The tens of millions Bayer Corp. will give him pales to compare to the revenue generated from this harmful product.

Profits over people is the motto of mega corporations that rake in billions of dollars while anyone else is expendable.

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