Facebook Wage & Hour Lawsuit

Facebook Wage & Hour Lawsuit

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Facebook is facing a federal class-action lawsuit for not paying overtime to some of its employees.

A former employee from Facebook’s Chicago office filed the lawsuit alleging that she, along with a number of other salaried employees, had been improperly classified as “managers” as a way to “deprive them of overtime compensation.”

The lawsuit talks about a “systematic, companywide wrongful classification” method for certain types of employees.

Namely positions such as solutions managers, customer solutions managers, customer account managers, “or other similarly titled positions.”

Though the primary job descriptions are similar and include tasks such as  “involve communicating with existing Facebook advertising customers, implementing their marketing plans, and selling Facebook marketing products and services to existing customers.”

The lawsuit states that most of the pay for these kinds of employees comes in the form of  “commissions from the sale of Facebook’s marketing products.”

The job titles are referred to as “CSM’s” and do not constitute management positions, according to the lawsuit.

However “management positions” allow the company to withhold overtime pay after an employee works a 40 hour work week.

The lawsuits states that “CSM’s” don’t work on the companies operations or other managerial duties. They actually work on the production activity of Facebook as a social media and marketing platform.

The lawsuit is seeking back pay, damages, interest, and attorneys fees for an unspecified number of Facebook employees.

The social media giant responded to the lawsuit stating, “this lawsuit is without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously.”

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Facebook generated $9.88 billion in revenue over the last 3 months.

Doesn’t matter the size or influence of the company. Employees everywhere have rights.

Have your employment rights ever been violated?

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