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~ Daniel Weltin Esq.

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Daniel Weltin, San Leandro’s top accident attorney is available if you’ve been hurt because of someone else’s carelessness. You need a lawyer who will fight for your rights. Daniel Weltin has served the bay area community for over a decade.

Daniel Weltin has won more than 600 settlements for people hurt by car accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice and more.

You deserve a lawyer with a long record of helping hard-working people whose lives have been put on hold by an accident or illness. Call The law office of Daniel Weltin at (510) 771-8999 for a free case evaluation.

Daniel Weltin Named “Super Lawyer”

Daniel Weltin is a four-time Super Lawyer who has won multiple cases for clients who have suffered tragic events due to accidents, bad medical practices, etc.

I Will Fight For Your Rights

Since 2003 Daniel has been fighting for victims against the biggest companies in the US.

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You need an experienced lawyer on your side. For a free, no-obligation consultation, call (510) 771-8999 now, or tell your story below. Get the compensation you deserve.


Bus Accidents

If you have been injured in a bus accident help is available. Learn how Daniel Weltin can fight for fair compensation.

Car Accidents

The Law Offices of Daniel Weltin has achieved fair and substantial compensation for many people whose lives were tragically altered by automobile accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle drivers are especially vulnerable on the road and not just because of the nature of the machine.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury is a catastrophic event that can severely disrupt your life.

Burn Injuries

Victims of severe burns may never lead the same life again and are entitled to compensation.

Longshoreman Injuries

Helping Injured Longshoreman Obtain the Benefits They Deserve under Federal Law

Wage and Hour 

All Worker & Wage issues, such as failure to pay overtime or failure to provide breaks.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning comes in many forms, can be very dangerous, and is found in a variety of different foods.


I had a great experience with Daniel

I had a great experience with Daniel. He not only fought my case, but was a support system when I was going through the hardest time of my life.
Irum Zaidi
Dan Weltin was invaluable to me and helped me through a very difficult time.

Dan Weltin was invaluable to me and helped me through a very difficult time. My ex-employer was taking advantage of me and not paying me for extra hours worked. Mr. Weltin helped me right this wrong and was able to acquire the funds owed to me, including interest and hardship costs. Mr. Weltin and his office were always very attentive to my needs and always available when I had questions needed to be answered.s.
Mitchell Rios
Entrusting Mr. Weltin with legal matters I find his professionalism, respect, and confidentiality exemplary.

Legal situations arise in life where one seeks diligence, effective resolution and guidance. Entrusting Mr. Weltin with legal matters I find his professionalism, respect, and confidentiality exemplary. Quite a dilemma to find these traits elsewhere!
Leticia Garcia


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