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We Can Help You Pursue Workers Compensation Benefits You Are Eligible For – Even If Your Claim Was Denied

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If You Answer YES To Any Of The Following, You Should Contact A Workers Compensation Lawyer:

  • Your injuries require surgery.
  • Your  injuries are moderate to severe.
  • If you believe your health won’t return to the condition it was prior to your injury (You may be entitled to a “permanent partial disability” award)
  • You believe you are no longer able to work on a regular basis in any job.
  • You believe you cannot go back to work at your current job, but believe you could work in some capacity.
  • You have significant pre-existing disabilities.
  • You would like to dispute an adverse decision made by your employer or your employer’s insurance company. 
  • You believe you are not receiving the correct benefits, or wonder if there are additional benefits you could receive.
  • Your medical benefits are denied.
  • Your employer has disputed a decision made by the California workers compensation division.
  • You do not understand the workers compensation process. 

We Can Help With

Temporary Disability

Permanent Disability

Medical Care

Recovery Assistance

No matter the circumstances of your workers compensation claim, you are entitled to have an attorney in your corner. If your injuries are severe enough that your life will be permanently altered, either because of permanent bodily impairment or a change in ability to work, a workers compensation lawyer will be able to fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the full medical care and workers compensation benefits you are entitled to. Additionally, if your injury prevents you from working permanently, a lawyer can advise you on the procedures on filing for Social Security disability benefits.

A workers compensation attorney can assist you in navigating the system so that you can receive retraining or monetary payment to assist you.

If any aspect of your claim is in dispute with your employer (or your employer’s insurance company) it is important to obtain an attorney. The dispute process can get difficult, involving complex legal rules and procedures. You will likely be at a disadvantage if you do not retain an attorney to represent your interests in these proceedings.

Speaking to an attorney sooner, rather than later, can ensure that your claim is on the right track from the beginning. It is easier for the attorney to gather evidence and push your claim in the right direction early on, instead of catching up if your claim is already in litigation.


How Does Workers Compensation Work?

Workers Compensation insurance provides basic benifits like Medical and temporary disability payments to help you recover after an injury at work. 

What Does Workers Compensation Pay For?

Workers Compensation covers medical expenses and hospital costs necessary in diagnosing and treating your injury. It also provides disability payments if you are unable to work. Usually 2/3 of your normal salary. 

How Long Do You Get Workers Compensation?

There is a limit to the amount of time you may receive temporary benefits after an injury. On average 3-7 years. There are no such limits for permanent disability benefits however.  

Can You Lose Your Job While Receiving Workers Compensation?

The short answer is NO. Your employer can’t terminate you just because of your workers compensation claim. But you can be terminated while you have an open claim if your employer shows your firing had nothing to do with filing your workers compensation claim. 

What Qualifies For Workers Compensation?

There are typically 4 basic eligibility requirements for a workers compensation claim. You must be an employee, your employer must have workers compensation insurance, you must have a work related injury and you must report your claim with the state’s deadline. 

DO I need A Lawyer?

Workers benefit immensely from retaining a workers compensation lawyer. Anytime an insurance company is involved, it is a good idea to have a seasoned attorney in your corner.