At a town hall meeting 13 miles from Paradise, California, A lawyer explains to survivors of the state’s most devastating wildfire why they should choose his law firm to sue PG&E Corp.

Insurance agencies have started filing lawsuits pointing the finger at PG&E (PGE) for causing the recent California wildfires that burned down 14,000 homes and activated billions of dollars in insurance claims

PG&E acknowledged that around the time the Camp fire is believed to have started the utility company did detect an issue with equipment

Tubbs Fire and Redwood Valley Fire Trial Lawyers Attorneys Daniel Weltin and Matt Sharp are investigating the Wine Country Fires that occurred on October 8 and 9. Eye witness reports, confirmed by PG&E inspectors, of arcing power lines, a/k/a “electrical safety incidents” on the night of the fire. One such arc appears to have occurred…

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