The utility faces massive lawsuits, investigations by the government and liabilities that could possibly add up to $30 billion,

At least 1 million people that are incarcerated suffer from mental illness, and of these only 15% of local inmates and 27% of state prisoners currently receive some treatment in the form of psychotropic drugs.

On game day in NFL locker rooms across the country players wait in a line referred to as the “T-Train” to get their Toradol injection to help them get through the game and it’s aftermath.

At a town hall meeting 13 miles from Paradise, California, A lawyer explains to survivors of the state’s most devastating wildfire why they should choose his law firm to sue PG&E Corp.

Insurance agencies have started filing lawsuits pointing the finger at PG&E (PGE) for causing the recent California wildfires that burned down 14,000 homes and activated billions of dollars in insurance claims

Cruise Ships can be as high as 16 stories, individuals who fall over the edge are regularly killed upon hitting the water. Nonetheless, even the individuals who are able to survive are frequently not thought to be missing until sometime later.

A dozen people across three states had to be hospitalized due to an E. Coli bacterial infection they contracted after receiving stem cell injections using umbilical cord blood..

These chemicals are most commonly found in our drinking water all over the country and pose some of the greatest risks to the health of our families.

Officials said no employees at the Hayward, California restaurant were injured in the accident. Five people were injured at a Sizzler restaurant in Hayward, including a young girl who was trapped under a table, when a pick-up truck slammed through the window Sunday afternoon. According to the Hayward Police Department, officers were called around 1:15…

Fresno Unified Will Consider A Ban On Roundup Citing Cancer Risks To Staff And Students. The long term health impact from to exposure to the weed killer is of concern to many parents and school district employees. The district board of trustees voted unanimously to “investigate the use of alternative weed control products and methods,”…

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