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Undergoing surgery can be very stressful for a client. This is particularly true when that surgery is a significant one such as a knee replacement. Unfortunately, some clients who received a total knee replacement surgery with an Exactech knee implant may have a defective component. This defective component often requires a second, revisionary surgery to replace the defective part which may cause significant pain and suffering, lost wages, and other permanent damage. Although the Medical Device Company Exactech is one of the leading manufacturers of medical implants used in joint replacement surgeries like a total knee replacement, they have issued a Recall For All Devices Manufactured After 2004 and issued an “URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE CORRECTION” to all Exactech knee and ankle surgeons, hospitals, and health care professionals. If you or a loved one received any Exactech components, or if you received a total knee replacement but are unsure if you have an Exactech device, contact our Exactech total knee replacement recall lawsuit lawyer in Oakland, California to learn about your rights to compensation.

Here at the Law Offices Of Daniel Weltin, our compassionate and knowledgeable team of legal professionals can help you and your family under your legal options if you have received an Exactech or otherwise defective total knee replacement device. Lawsuits have already been filed throughout the United States, and victims are pursuing their legal options against this medical device giant. To learn more about your rights to compensation, contact our experienced personal injury law firm to schedule your FREE consultation with our Exactech total knee replacement recall lawsuit lawyer in Oakland, California.


If you received a recall letter or were contacted by your surgeon or medical office regarding the Exactech implant or knee replacement system that you received, you should schedule an appointment and evaluation with your treating physician to discuss your options. Your medical team may suggest imaging studies to review the components and whether there are signs of inflammation or damage in the surrounding tissue. Your medical team may ultimately a decide that a revisionary surgery to remove or replace the defective implant is necessary. Some doctors may not proceed right to surgery, but will monitor you for the signs of a defective implant instead to avoid you having to go through an unnecessary surgery.

After speaking with your healthcare provider regarding your options, you should also contact an experienced personal injury lawyer or Exactech total knee replacement lawsuit lawyer in Oakland like ours. We can review the recommendations of your medical team and evaluate what your legal options are to recover compensation for the defective knee replacement you received from Exactech parts.


The main issue with the Exactech total knee replacement system is that the device has been wearing out much faster than expected – sometimes in just a few months. Specifically, the plastic component in the device is supposed to function like cartilage, which is a cushion between the bones of the upper leg and the lower leg. When this wears down too fast, it results in contact between the metal implants and causes damage to the components. In turn, this results in damage to the surrounding tissue and structures of your body and knee.

It can also lead to compensatory injuries, which are injuries caused on the opposite side of the body which is compensating for the pain, weakness, or range of motion restrictions on the injured side. Serious compensatory injuries can even result in irreparable damage to the other knee and hip, possibly leading to the need for surgical intervention.

The one cause that has been identified in the Exactech recall is that the packaging bags the components were manufactured in were defective. As a result, the parts of the devices became oxidized, including the plastic pieces meant to cushion the knee. Due to this oxidation and accelerated wear of the components, the implant can cause bone loss or the components can fail by cracking, fracturing, or grinding. The FDA Actually Estimates that roughly 80% of knee and ankle replacement devices manufactured in 2004 were packaged in that defective bags, leading to damage to the components. That means up to 80% of clients who received this type of knee replacement may be impacted by the defective product, and therefore may be entitled to compensation.


Given that 80% of the Exactech implants manufactured after 2004 may have been oxidized, chances are that clients who received any type of Exactech knee implant after 2004 have a defective implant. However, some of the tell-tale signs of a defective Exactech total knee implant include the following:

  • Unexplained swelling, including in the ankle below that knee where fluid can pool

  • Unexplained pain while walking

  • Difficulty bearing weight on that side or on that knee

  • Redness around the knee

  • Warmth around the knee

  • Grinding noise or a grinding feeling

  • Bone loss

  • Petechiae around the knee

  • Instability

  • Stiffness in the knee joint

  • A sensation that the joint is sliding or moving in and out of its socket

  • Infection, including a fever

  • Muscle aches above or below the replacement

  • Bruising, particularly below the knee

  • Clicking sounds or a clicking feeling

  • Unexplained nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, usually due to an infection or a response to the failed joint

  • Extreme fatigue for no apparent reason, and

  • Other symptoms that may make you believe that you have a defective knee implant.


Exactech is a medical technology company that specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of orthopedic implant devices and surgical instrumentation for joint replacement surgeries. The Company Was Founded In 1985 in Gainesville, Florida, USA, and has since expanded to operate globally, with sales and distribution channels in Over 35 Countries.

Our recall lawsuit lawyer in Oakland knows that Exactech's products include implants and instruments for knee, hip, and shoulder joint replacement surgeries, as well as biologics for bone and tissue regeneration. The company's main products include the Optetrak Logic Knee System, which uses advanced computer modeling to customize the fit of knee implants and the Truliant Primary Knee System, both of which are subject to product recalls.

Although Exactech has received numerous awards and accolades, our experienced personal injury law firm knows that this does not make this business impervious to making errors. It also does not mean that they are untouchable in a lawsuit. Companies that are negligent can be held liable for their mistakes. Even though it may be harder to prove a case against a large and successful company, clients can hire an experienced and skilled Exactech total knee replacement recall lawsuit lawyer in Oakland, California to fight back and recover compensation.


No, the Exactech recall is limited to only one type of knee replacement at this time. There are two general types of Knee Replacements. Both partial knee replacement and total knee replacement are surgical procedures used to treat knee joint pain and dysfunction, but they differ in the extent of joint replacement.

Partial Knee Replacement (PKR) involves replacing only the damaged or arthritic part of the knee joint with a prosthesis, leaving the healthy parts of the joint intact. This is typically done when only one part of the knee joint, such as the inner or outer compartment, is affected by arthritis or other degenerative conditions. PKR is a less invasive procedure than a total knee replacement and often leads to a quicker recovery time and better outcome.

Total Knee Replacement (TKR), on the other hand, involves replacing the entire knee joint with a prosthesis. This is typically done when both the femur and tibia, as well as the patella, are damaged or arthritic. TKR is a more extensive surgery than PKR and requires a longer recovery time, but it can provide more comprehensive relief of knee pain and restore more normal joint function.

The Exactech recall is related to a total knee replacement device. Although there may be similar components in the partial knee replacement, the recall has been focused on the TKR. If you have received any type of knee replacement and are unsure what your rights are, especially if you have Exactech parts or received a notice about your knee replacement, please contact our Exactech total knee replacement recall lawsuit lawyer in Oakland, California for help.


If you or a loved one may have had a defective knee replacement, there are certain key factors that must be met in order to possibly have a Exactech implant recall claim. These include the following:

  • You underwent a total knee replacement

  • The manufacturer of your implant was Exactech

  • The implant was surgically installed after 2004

  • You had a revision or replacement surgery, you have one scheduled, or your doctor is observing you/watching you for a possible surgery, and

  • The device has failed prematurely and before it was expected to do so. There are some other legal requirements, but these are the main factors that need to be met to have a claim.


Did you or a loved one receive a knee replacement? Are you unsure if you have Exactech components or devices in that replacement? Although the Exactech recall is related to the total knee replacement parts, there are other defective components by this manufacturer that may be affected. This is particularly true if a surgeon may have used parts or components from Exactech.

Contact our Personal Injury Law Firm to speak with our Exactech total knee replacement recall lawsuit lawyer in Oakland, California to learn more about your rights to compensation. The case evaluation is FREE and there is no obligation to sign up with our bodily injury law firm. To learn more about your rights, contact us today by calling (510) 319-6590 or by sending us a message through our “Contact Us” box Available Here.

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