Common Construction Accidents

Common Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Construction is one of California’s top professions.

Over the next decade, California will grow approximately 2 million more construction jobs.

Construction is a job market that is surging not just in California but all over the country.

This means ultimately, additional safety precautions will need to occur in order to keep up with the demands of the growing California construction job market.

Construction jobs require a variety of skills.

Working in construction is a fulfilling job, but not without its own dangers.

Construction workers are required to wear hard hats, gloves, along with other protective gear for a reason.

There Are 4 Common Construction Accidents

Sometimes referred to as the “fatal four”.

We are aware of the increase in construction jobs that require more people to work them.

When anyone gets injured on the job it is important to have legal support because insurance companies aren’t always willing to give you all the benefits you need.

In order to give you better insight into construction accidents, here are the fatal four:

1. Falls:

When working over 15 meters from the ground you are, officially, ‘Working at a Height’ and the range of safety equipment and protocols are all designed to reduce the possibility of an accident.

2. Struck by an object:

Objects dropping from height do not need to be very large or very hard to cause an injury to those below.

3. Electrocution:

Electrocution is the second biggest killer on construction sites worldwide and it does not take a huge charge to cause a fatal incident. Cables falling into standing pools of water, live cables embedded in walls, unfinished wiring and hitting underground power cables are also very common sources of injury and death.

4. Inhaling Fumes and dust:

Many contractors who have not been made aware of the dangers of fumes and dust suffer later in life from the effects of these materials on the body.

Anyone that has been injured while working on the job has the right to seek worker’s compensation.

Our San Leandro Accident Attorneys at The Law Office of Daniel Weltin are ready to help you maximize your workers’ comp claim with our years of experience and resources.

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