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How Do You Know If Your Baby Has Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy, also referred to as “CP” can show early indications in the first few months of a baby’s life.

However, it is common for cerebral palsy to go undiagnosed during infancy and for the signs to develop beyond the first 2 years.

It is important for parents to understand what the early signs of cerebral palsy are.

Cerebral palsy is a complex disability which is not always easy to diagnose.

Parents may suspect their child has cerebral palsy if their baby has:

  • Slow development of motor skills
  • Tight or floppy muscle tone
  • Displays unusual postures

Children that are affected by cerebral palsy will often times have trouble swallowing while the most common indication is a muscle imbalance with the eyes.

Signs and Symptoms

It is important to note that these may vary greatly but some of the early indications to look for are:

Infants –

  • Low muscle tone (baby feels ‘floppy’ when picked up)
  • Unable to hold up his/her own head while lying on their stomach or in a supported sitting position
  • Muscle spasms or feeling stiff
  • Poor muscle control, reflexes and posture
  • Delayed development (can’t sit up or independently roll over by 6 months)
  • Feeding or swallowing difficulties
  • Prefers to use one side of their body

Toddlers –

  • Delays in speech development or difficulty speaking
  • Learning difficulties
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills, such as buttoning clothes or picking up utensils
  • Seizures

Cerebral palsy might affect the entire body, or it could be limited to one limb or even one side of the body.

The brain disorder causing cerebral palsy doesn’t change with time, so the symptoms usually don’t worsen with age.


Cerebral palsy is caused by an abnormality or disruption in brain development, most often before a child is born.

Factors that can lead to problems with brain development include:

  • Gene mutations that lead to abnormal development
  • Maternal infections that affect the developing fetus
  • Fetal stroke, a disruption of blood supply to the developing brain
  • Bleeding into the brain in the womb or as a newborn
  • Infant infections that cause inflammation in or around the brain
  • Traumatic head injury to an infant from a motor vehicle accident or fall
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain related to difficult labor or delivery, although birth-related asphyxia is much less commonly a cause than historically thought

Click Here: for a diagnostic tool for the functional assessment of the young nervous system

In many cases, the cause is unknown, but medical negligence has been linked to many cerebral palsy diagnoses.

What To Do If Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy

If you suspect your baby may have cerebral palsy or if your baby has been diagnosed with CP it is imperative you have a free consultation with an attorney to make sure medical negligence is not the cause.

It is also a good idea to talk to your doctor.

Did You Know: Older Women Tend To Have A Higher Rate Of Complications During Pregnancy That Results In Birth Injuries?

You would think childbirth should be a pretty routine procedure in the year 2019.

Unfortunately, it is not. 

There are many stories of people that endured trauma, stress, pain, and sadness instead of joy and happiness that comes with bringing a new life into this world. 

What is the primary cause of complications during pregnancy and birth injuries?

Medical Negligence.  

Understandably, medical professionals are still “only human” though any mishaps during pregnancy and childbirth can be life-threatening.

Doctors or their staff might misdiagnose the infant. 

They may not utilize the proper standards of care or could have had negligent behavior in handling the baby. 

Not to mention all of the alternative methods for childbirth these days. 

Everyone seems to have their own views about how birthing should be done.   

Some people like the water birth method at home. 

They lay in the bathtub submerged in water as they give birth. 

Others feel strongly that childbirth should be conducted in a hospital by medical professionals. 

Some people believe a “drug-free” vaginal birth is the best method. While others can’t imagine going through childbirth without using an epidural. 

Regardless of what method you want to use for your childbirth, it should always be discussed with your doctor. 

Your doctor should be informative about the pros and cons of whatever approach you take to childbirth. 

What About Birth Defects?

Babies share the DNA of their parents.

DNA is the fabric of your child’s genetic makeup.

Their DNA could be the cause of birth defects such as a cleft palate or heart murmur. In this case, there isn’t much you can do. 

However, other birth injuries and defects can also be caused when taking medications like antidepressants or anti-nausea pills.

There can be a wide range of issues that occur, just keep one thing in mind. 

Birth Injuries are not caused by the genetic makeup of the baby.

Doctors or medical staff who are negligent, exhausted, or inexperienced cause injuries and harm to your baby. 

Most Birth Injuries Are Preventable. 

The possibilities of something going wrong in the delivery room are endless.

Unfortunately, not every mother experiences top-notch care and it is the baby who ultimately suffers.

For example, improperly using birthing tools, failure to properly monitor the baby while in the womb, or not doing a C-section when necessary, are just a few.

Injuries like Erb’s Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Shoulder Dystocia, Paralysis, and Brain Injuries are some examples of common injuries that happen.

What To Do?

If you or your baby experienced an injury during childbirth then get a birth injury attorney to protect the rights of your family. 

The average settlement associated with a birth injury can range between $400,00 to $1 million, conservatively.

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